Monday, December 10, 2012

A Sunday of Movies and Relaxing

Whenever I am writing/typing, I always have something on in the background - tv, movie, or music.  If it's something I've never seen, its often too distracting and I have to turn it off because I end up typing what I'm hearing.  But as I worked on some projects, I just had to see the new Batman movie.  I didn't get to see it in theaters, so I was very excited to spend this afternoon in front of the tv.

As I write this post, I'm watching The Dark Knight Rises for the second time today.  It is so good (plus, I definitely missed some of the story the first time around since I was on the computer). So, if you see some weird words in this post like Bane, nuclear, Gotham, or Bruce, at least now you know why.

During our lazy afternoon, I worked on a freebie for you guys and Charlie had some sweet dreams that involved a little chasing, I think.  The sounds she makes when she's dreaming are beyond adorable.

Later in the evening, I met up with my best friend, Teen to see Wreck It Ralph.  Oh my gosh.  It was so good.  The storyline was new, original and very interesting.  The animation was superb (of course) and the ode to old video games was awesome.  The way they created a world for video game characters was very clever!

Plus, winter months in eastern PA are usually cold and wet and this weekend was no exception.  A movie is always a good activity for a rainy day.

It's been wet and muddy around here a lot lately.  I love the winter whether on one condition - snow.  When there's no snow, its definitely not as fun.  The rain has been really obnoxious lately and I'll tell you what, I'm getting really sick and tired of wiping off those little feet.

Every time we come in from a 30 second trip outside, I spend 8x that long cleaning these cute little feet.  It's torture for both of us.  By the time I get to her last foot, Charlie is kindly letting me know she's fed up.  Charlie knows that biting is not allowed, so instead she gives me a little growl, shows her teeth and touches her teeth to my skin.  

FYI Charlie, I hate it more than you. 

Charlie does not appreciate being woken from her nap by me snapping pictures.  I'm fine with it though.  If I'm going to wipe/wash her feet 4 times a day, she could at least smile for the pictures.


  1. Love that first picture of Charlie on your post today...she's precious!

  2. "I love winter on one condition...snot." haha... :)

    1. haha! Thanks for pointing out my typo Emily! I love when typos are hilarious and that one definitely was no disappointment! -Virginia