Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Creative Speed Bump

Tonight I did what I always do - I sat down at my desk, clicked my Blogger link and opened up a fresh post.   But, unlike most nights, I sat and stared at the computer for a good 40 minutes (in between checking Pinterest and watching How I Met Your Mother).  I have no good ideas.

Well, sort of no good ideas.  I have projects I want to share with you, but as they are all gifts, they must remain a secret.  Plan B - make something especially for posting.  After another 40 completely unproductive minutes I gave up.  Sometimes I hit a speed bump; I'm not lacking all creativity, there's just not an abundance of it.

Here's a gift that I can share with you.  Cam loves keys; golf cart keys, car keys, old keys, new keys, motorcycles keys.  When I passed these keys while strolling through Lowe's the other day, I just had to buy them.

Since they are real keys, they are heavy and solid.  They feel like the real thing because they are the real thing.  I didn't get them cut because it seemed like a waste of time.  I think he'll be excited to get these keys because they have three of his favorite characters all over them: Woody, Buzz and McQueen.

After working hard on gifts, I'm very excited to Christmas Eve to finally arrive!

The best thing about today? Esther's home!!

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  1. Those keys are great. And sooooo glad Esther will be home for Christmas. Good times!