Monday, November 12, 2012

Treat Stash

This my baby.  Her favorite toy is her chicken.  Her favorite person is me my mom.  Her favorite place to be is on the deck.

Her favorite food is...everything.

This is a dog that knows how to eat and will do anything for food.  Whenever Charlie is on meds and anyone but me (the vet) has to give her the pill, they wrap it in peanut butter or some other snack so Charlie doesn't notice the pill.

But all you have to do to get Charlie to take a pill is pretend it's a treat.  Make her work for it and she's all over it.  I can pick snow off the ground right next to her and she'll do a trick to get it.

Basically what I'm saying is this - I have to keep treats all over the house so I can lure Charlie to different places.  I keep treats in my bedroom so I don't have to carry her big butt up the stairs at night.  I keep treats in my living room so I can get her in the room.  I keep treats in the kitchen for when she escapes into the garage and refuses to come in.

And this is one dog that knows how to work the system.  When the garage door opens, she saunters on out  and plops herself on the carpet, just waiting for her treat.

But I'll tell you what, treat containers are ugly 99% of the time.  The only ones that aren't ugly are expensive. I'm not a big fan of paw prints all over because I like a more subtle approach to doggie decor.

I wish I could tell you where I found this container, but I bought it so long ago that I don't remember.  I usually have a faster turnaround on projects and am less likely to forget details, but things have been chaotic lately.

Sprucing up this treat container has been on my list for a few months and its nice to finally have it done.  First, I measured the space where I was going to put the design (and apparently I didn't measure very well). Then I used my silhouette to cut the design out of the frosted vinyl (it's supposed to look like frosted glass).

I love the look of the frosted vinyl, but I'll tell you what - its not easy to work with.  Silhouette has awesome transfer paper that picks up the vinyl so you can pick up the design without anything moving.

The frosted vinyl is a lot thicker than the other vinyls I've worked with - a) it didn't stick to the transfer paper and b) it didn't stick that well to the glass either.  I eventually got it all onto the container, but it was a long, drawn out process.  I was going to do all four sides but I was so sick of it after doing two that I just said "Enough!" and threw the other ones away.

Has anyone else had that experience?  Or does the frosted vinyl just hate me?

I love the look of it, though, so maybe it was worth all the hassel.

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