Monday, November 5, 2012

Pantone Color

As I've been learning more and more about print media, I've also been learning a lot about Pantone.  Here's what I know -

When printing a file, you can never be certain exactly how your colors will print. The blue you choose on your computer screen may not match what is printed (maybe its darker or lighter or more green when you print it).

Have you heard of CMYK?  That stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (why black is a K, I have no idea).  Each time you print, you are combining those inks in different ways to achieve each different color.  This can lead to the same color looking different on different printers.

You might be wondering, who cares?  What does it matter if that blue is a tad darker than this blue?  Well, when UPS picked a brown for their logo, they don't want just any brown, they want that brown.  When HULU picked their green, they don't want it to be just any green.  And when a brand prints different things (brochures, posters, sales books) they need their brand colors to be the same across the board.

That's where Pantone comes in.

Pantone has a special ink for each of its colors, so that no matter the printer/paper, your brand color will always be the right color.  It's more expensive, but your brand will have color consistency.

When I saw this pack of 100 Pantone post cards for $20, I just had to get it.

Then I thought I'd see if I could match these postcards to items in my living room.  There are only 100 postcards, but I found very close matches to this pillow.

This shade of blue isn't perfect, but it's very close.  Next, I want to see if I can turn these Pantone postcards into some art for my home.

Pinned Image
I might do something like this and just frame the postcards.

Jessica from How About Orange turned her chips into magnets

There are so many Pantone products out there and I want to own every single one: toothbrushes, folding chairs, stools, mugs, flower pots, rubics cubes, phone covers, mouse pads,messenger bags, bikes, luggage tags, and salt and pepper shakers.

Can't wait until I figure out what to do with mine.  Hmmm...this might be a project I have to wait on until I get a bigger living space.  

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