Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Well, so far this season I've broken all of our family holiday traditions; I put up decorations, watched Christmas movies, and listened to Christmas music - all before December 1st.  That was our rule - no Christmas anything until December 1st.

But I just can't wait.  I love Christmas!

And I'm especially loving my white Christmas tree.  This year I went with a bright theme instead of colors to match the room like I did last year.  I bought the ball ornaments at Goodwill (which is explains why some of them are broken) after Christmas last year for around $5, I think.  The swirly ornaments are from The Flower and Craft Warehouse and they are AMAZING! I'm definitely going back to get more because 4 is not nearly enough.

My West Elm ornament and Chris-moose (thank you for the awesome name idea, Claire!) are looking fabulous on the tree.

I also added the other decorations I bought from the Flower and Craft Warehouse.  They look awesome, as well.  Can you tell I'm loving this tree?

I'm also loving that quite a few of the ornaments I already had matched this tree.  This ornament was a gift from my mom.  She bought it at Anthro and it's just wonderful!

I also have a lot of ornaments from my childhood that didn't fit in with the rest of this tree.  So, I set up a tree in my living room.  I bought a small pencil tree online from hayneedle.com.  I needed it to be skinny so it could fit into my room (although I would have loved to have space for a large tree).  Its small, skinniness fit perfectly and I love it. During my trip to Target tonight, I bought a star for the tree, but I accidentally left it in the car and it's too cold outside to go get it.  I'll update you on that one later.

Having a tree in every room is one of my life goals (right along with get married and make babies).  So, I figure, if I buy one tree every year for the next few years then I will make my goal!  I even bought a tree from Target tonight for my desk at work.  So far, I own three artificial, white trees.  When I have my own place, I'll always make sure to have one real tree in the mix.  But for now, white is just fine.

How many trees do you have?  Would you fill your entire home with Christmas decorations? Or maybe you already do. :)


  1. Your trees are beautiful! I love the moose - he came out great. You have so many really unusual and beautiful ornaments. I put our tree up right at Thanksgiving (yep, it's up) and take it down after New Years. I say milk it for all it's worth. It's such a great time of year to remember that God sent His son, Jesus, to our world and to celebrate His birth!

  2. So pretty! I'm so excited, I got a white tree last January and finally got to put it up over the weekend. It feels a little sacrilegious, a fake tree in Oregon, but I loooove it! So pretty! Shared here: http://instagram.com/p/SdVqZuFZV2/

  3. Your tree is so beautiful. I still have yet to put a tree up & to think it's the first Christmas in my apartment. This is such a beaut though!

    - Ahlexandria

    1. You're first Christmas in your apartment? That's definitely an occasion to go all out! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! -Virginia

  4. Awesome tree, and thanks for the shout out! :)

    We have one tree, and it's about 12 inches tall. We travel from 22dec onwards so I don't get too energetic decorating our house. BUT I love Christmas and wish I had an excuse to spend more money and time decorating!