Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Give thanks for iPhone wallpapers

Yesterday I received this lovely comment from Jennyroo:

I always look forward to the 1st of the month to see what the next desktop calendar will look like. This month is a bit of a departure from the last few, but I like it! And thanks again for sharing with us! I wonder if you'll ever bring back the photo sizing for iPhone screens? I love looking at the black and white photo of a wooden fence from the summer, but it might be fun to update it one day soon? (hint-hint!).

I just had to laugh as I read it because she is right - she definitely deserves an update!  This comment also sparked some serious inspiration, so I got to work.

I picked a few of my favorite recent photos to resize and then I headed straight for Illustrator.  I downloaded a new font yesterday called Valencia and I found it very inspiring...

Remember, these images are for personal use only. Thanks!  Also, to download the high res versions, click on the photo to enlarge it before you save it. 

I started out simply and then added in a few more pieces.

Not sure what it is lately, but bright pink is my new favorite color.  I don't buy anything pink and I don't own anything pink, so I'm not sure why it's my new favorite color, but it is. 

I hope you enjoy these wallpapers and I hope you have a wonderful November full of things to be grateful for.  I've seen a lot of my friends on FB posting one thing they are thankful for every day.  I haven't done it, but I'd like to catch up.

Thursday, Nov 1 - I'm thankful for the tools I use to create and challenge myself.
Friday, Nov 2 - I'm thankful for a job that I love and enjoy going to every day.
Saturday, Nov 3 - I'm thankful for weekends at home and time to spend with my pup.
Sunday, Nov 4 - I'm thankful for Sunday mornings spent holding my niece.

What are you thankful for?


  1. these are amazing! downloading and now. thank you!


    1. Hi Emily! So glad you enjoyed them! -Virginia

  2. I've been a bit behind in my blog reading, but just saw this post! Thanks, they are just lovely!

  3. Nice collection of beautiful wallpapers. Can i download these for free for my iPhone? en ucuz iphone