Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Charlie on the Deck

When my pup gets groomed, she goes from lioness to chihuahua in one day.  No one in the family really likes either of these stages.  She looks weird as a chihuahua and weird as a lioness.

In the last few days, my mom, Charlotte and I have all said that we like this hair length the best.  So when I saw Charlie basking in the sun on the deck, I grabbed the camera.

On beautiful days, we prop the deck door open so Charlie can wander in and out.  It's perfect, she gets to go outside and we don't get whined at for hours and hours.

Whenever I need Charlie to look a certain direction, I pretend like I have a treat in my hand.  This is Charlie finding out I'm a big, fat liar.

She likes to chase after birds and squirrels.  My friend, Jen, recently let us borrow her fenced in yard.  After checking every inch of fence to find a hole, Charlie went cray-cray and started sprinting all over the yard.  She only ran into Jen's one year old son once and (even though it was basically like being hit by a torpedo) her son just laughed.

Someday Charlie will get to go crazy in her very own back yard and maybe then she won't be running into any one year olds.

I spent my Sunday sunlight working on projects and taking photos.  I had to use the deck for a little spray painting and Charlie was not a fan.  Every time I picked up the can, Charlie headed inside.

Wondering why our deck is two different colors?  My dad is in the middle of power washing the deck to get rid of the dirt and grime.  The clean side looks so good! 

We really enjoyed our beautiful fall weather on Sunday, how about you?

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  1. Charlie is so pretty. I love it when dogs can run free and some day you'll find a house with a big back yard and she'll go crazy. Meanwhile, she has a good life! So nice to have that deck, which is looking really great with what your Dad is doing to it!