Friday, November 2, 2012

Charlie Macro

Last weekend was truly a wonderful weekend.  I was able to finish so many projects that have been sitting on my desk.  I even got to spend time with my two favorite kids, Cameron and Hannah.  I also had some good camera time before this hurricane set its sights on us.  Charlie was having a little nap time on her chair, so I grabbed the macro lens.

Finding a good macro shot on my pup was more challenging than I anticipated.  When I look at this photo I see the many different colors in her hair and her cute little nose...and the bits of dirt and dust and whatever else in her hair.  Dirty dog.

One of the things I love about my pooch is the many different colors that make up her coat.  There's so much depth.

After taking the expected shots of her eyes and nose, I started looking for parts of Charlie that are different and often unseen.  This little mountain range of hair is one of those unseen parts.  Hair coming from two different directions meets here and sticks straight out.

Did you know she has a white patch on her chest?  She's had that since she was a puppy.  A lof things have changed about her coat and color, but this little white patch has never gone away.  I love it.

My least favorite thing about her coat is her eyebrows.  She was groomed less than a month ago, but her old man eyebrows are already back.  They are so bushy!

All these little parts and pieces come together to make a cute little dog.  Right now, she's sleeping on her side of the couch and looking completely exhausted, but her one leg is sticking straight out in the air.  I love her little quirks.

One of the best things about my macro lens is that a) it has forced me to learn more about my camera and b) it forces me to look at things differently and appreciate the little details in this big world.  Whenever I finish a session with Oscar, I always feel good.  God made such a beautiful world, down to the smallest, seemingly insignificant piece.

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