Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Sunday Walk

Beautiful weather and loads of sunshine are the best inspiration for a day out.

My mom suggested that I take Charlie along, but I can't focus on taking photos and hold onto her.  She gets so excited and just runs all over the place.

It's a little too hard to take photos with this little scout dragging me along.  So my mom wonderfully volunteered to come along and be in charge of the pup.

It took us an hour and a half to end up 25 minutes from home.  The first two places we tried going to were a complete bust.  Nothing to see there, that's for sure.  It's hard to take pictures of a whole lotta nothin.

We finally hit a nice spot and I turned out my eagles eyes looking for a nice photo.  I'm sad to say that the trip was a little disappointing overall, but I did get some nice photos of the pup.

With someone else holding the leash, I was actually able to get some photos of her whole body instead of just her face.

I always manage to get one with her tongue out.  All that sniffing around always messes up her beard and she uses her tongue to smooth it out.  That or she saw something she wanted to eat.  That wouldn't surprise me at all.

When we were walking through a parking lot, I look back to see her chewing on something.  Let's hope it was something that was actually edible.

I can't believe it's Wednesday already.  This week is going too fast!

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  1. I love creating good and happy memories...and you have some beautiful pictures to help keep the memories alive.