Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Our Newest Member

If you're wondering where the October desktop wallpapers are...so am I.  I'm thisclose to KILLING our internet (if that's possible).  I've been uploading photos for four hours and only 8 are complete.  Seriously?  8 photos in four hours?  Yeah, I'm ready to punch something.  It's killing me that something that is out of my control is stopping me from completely one of my goals for this blog - wallpapers every month on the first of the month.  Great.

You know what my internet speed was at my apartment?  15 mb per second.  Ya know what my internet speed is right now?  0.29 mb per second.  I can actually feel the frustration building up into a physical ball in my chest.  I'm going crazy!

The best way to get out of a bad/frustrated/ready-to-punch-something mood?  Looking at pictures of my new niece.

We had a very good weekend.  Ya know why?  Because my amazing sister gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.  I knew it was a girl! Totally called it.  Weird thing is, we were all uncertain throughout her pregnancy - but that last weekend we all guessed girl.  I guess that means we all totally called it.

This is Hannah.  She is perfect.

And everybody thinks so...

This is one little girl who is dearly loved.

Esther and I went a little crazy at Babies R Us.  We had just been making fun of some people that walked into the hospital with a huge Carter's bag - and then that was us.  After our shopping trip, we went back to the hospital with our bags full of adorable, little clothes for the baby.  There are so many cute clothes out there!

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  1. Hannah is a beautiful little girl! Thank you for posting these great pictures and I'll share them with Grandma. Can't wait to see her in person and also looking forward to a picture of Hannah and Cam together.