Monday, October 29, 2012

Charlie's Commute

All dogs have their weird quirks; things they do differently.  Allow me to explain Charlie's morning commute.

Every morning I walk down the hallway to my living room and get Charlie her breakfast.  I fill her bowl with food and get her fresh water.  At this point, Charlie is either playing with Luke and Leia (who wait at our house for the morning bus), looking for my mom, or still in bed.

Once Charlie's breakfast is ready, I yell for her to come get her food.

Charlie emerges from wherever she was and stops just inside the door.  If she's just dragged herself out of bed, she'll yawn and stretch before entering.  If she's just come from downstairs, she'll just stop and look around.

Here's the "weird quirk" part of this little tale.  Instead of making a b-line for her food, my little pup take the longest route possible to get where she wants to go.  I have no idea why she does this, all I know is that it fascinates me.

I recently switched Charlie to Chef Michael's dog food and she LOVES it.  As much as my dog loves food, we've had some struggles with her eating actual dog food.  She loves this new food and literally comes running for it.

So again, why the long walk from door to bowl?

Hey Charlie, there's a faster way to get what you want.

ps. Does anyone else think that my little Charlie illustration looks like a pig?  Hmm...I guess going to college to be a gym teacher didn't help with my drawing skills.

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