Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Catalog Game

The Ikea catalog arrived yesterday.  I don't usually look through catalogs, but this is one that travels around the house with me so that I can browse at different times.  I love it.

When we were little, Charlotte and I used to play a catalog game.  We still play sometimes, but not as often.  When  Delias or PacSun catalog arrived, we would sit next to each other and flip through each page.

-you had to pick one thing from each page that you liked the best
-price doesn't matter
-if there are a lot of products on the page, split it in half

Simple right?  Yeah, that's how we liked it.  The game was the most fun when everything on the page was ugly and you had to pick anyway.

 Since Charlotte isn't here right now, I guessed for her.  I may be way off, but who knows!  Green is me and pink is Char.  I like that yellow light.  I don't love it, but I like it.  This is one of those pages where I don't love anything, but I can appreciate good design.  I think Char would like that round light.  I can picture it in one of her kid's rooms.

This page has a lot has a lot of products, so (true to game rules) you have to pick something from the right and the left.  On the left side I chose the purple table with the sweet legs.  For Char, I chose the blue table on wheels.  She always moving her furniture, so I think she would like the wheels.

On the right said, I chose the simple, straight coffee table.  For Char, I chose the white round table on wheels.  Char's living room rug has big circles on it and I think this table would look nice in her living room.

This one of those pages where Char and I probably would pick the same thing.  A deep gray is a good color in any room!  So, Char, how did I do?

Ok, moving on the from the game to the good stuff - what I seriously want to buy.

This turquoise cart is maybe the coolest thing I've ever seen.  For a mere $50, you can own this industrial kitchen cart.  I would love to use this in a future craft room.  It would be great for storing materials for a current project.

I also spotted this amazing headboard.  $250 seems pretty steep for just a headboard considering that you can get a whole bed (headboard/frame) for under $200.  But the color and texture of the fabric are really wonderful.

This cabinet is very cool.  The catalog said the design was inspired by a wall of different sized frames - and I can totally see that inspiration.  I have two problems with this product: the price and the width.  Why is it wider at the bottom than at the top?  Hmm...not a fan.  BUT - other than that, I really do like this piece.

Browsing this catalog got me seriously thinking about buying a bed.  All I've had since I bought my mattress is the little metal frame that keeps it off the ground.  This $179 bed is really tempting and very nice.  I'm tempted to look for something with storage underneath, but that just gives me an excuse to collect more stuff.

Whenever I look at this stuff, I always wonder how I can make it my own.  What can I do/add that would make it more me?  Looks like I have a new Pinterest search to start!

Hmm..I might have to make a trip to Ikea this weekend.


  1. Love your choices! Particularly that fabric's one of my faves too. Also am a big IKEA fan. I thought that was because of my husband's Swedish heritage though. Good to see I'm not the only one out there.

    1. Hi Kylie! We definitely have a love of Ikea in common. I go there just for fun - at least that's what I tell myself. I always walk away with something wonderful! -Virginia