Monday, September 24, 2012

Playing Catch Up

Each time I hears someone use that phrase I always think they are saying "playing ketchup."  It sort of grosses me out, but then I think of Cam.  That kid dunks anything and everything in ketchup.

Ok..onto the photo challenge...

It's always funny to see how Cam's toys end up.  They usually look like they've been through a hurricane.   This looks like the scene from Toy Story 3 when all the toys are recovering from a crazy day at Sunnyside.

Buzz's day wasn't much better.   His head has been on backwards for quite some time - which is strange because you can't even touch his head.  I guess we really can't complain since we got these toys years ago from Burger King or McDonalds.

I guess I could have gotten more creative and taken photos of a different animal, but this is my favorite animal.  My favorite, hairy, little lioness.

Charlie is 2 days away from being groomed.  I defintiely waited a little too long between grooming trips this time around.  Her nails are like talons and the hair on her nose covers her eyes.

Plus, I'm pretty sure her bears has food in it from the past 2 months.  Can't wait to see my baby without her old man eyebrows and that long beard!  Then it will be time for Skinny Fat Charlie.  I love Skinny Fat Charlie.

On to the next!

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