Thursday, September 27, 2012

Philly on My Mind

Last weekend, I headed to Philly for the second time in two weeks.  This time, I went to spend some quality time with my girl, Katie.  We spent a lovely time doing what we do best - talking and laughing and talking some more.

We started our morning with breakfast at a very lovely little cafe.  Katie order and iced coffee and when she was just about to stir it I yelled "stop!"  It was too cool looking, I had to take a picture.

I wish Charlie could do this.  This beautiful pup waited patiently outside while his/her owner got some breakfast.  Charlie would most likely be freaking out/whining/pulling on the leash.

We of course, headed to Anthro and even though I was there the week before, there was still so much to see.  This adorable little guys wanted to come home with me, but they slightly creep me out.  Adorable and creepy - it's a strange combination.

Katie and I really liked these hanging leaves at Anthro.

Aw, isn't she cute?  I sure think so.  Ah, I love Philly, but I love who I see there more :)

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