Thursday, September 20, 2012

Inspiration Day Purchases

My trip to Philly last week was super fun.  I left with a lot of great ideas and a lot of great purchases.

A sheet of this lovely paper from Paper Source only cost me $5.  Add a $10 from from Ikea and voila! Instant art. Now I just need the frame...

This neon washi tape (also from Paper Source) was just too good to pass up.

I bought two of each bracelet from Anthro: one set for Charlotte, one set for Esther.  I'm loving neon right now, but I could never pull it off, so I'll just live my neon life vicariously through my sisters.

This card will never actually be given to anyone.  I love the design, so I'm keeping it.  It's going to live on my desk at work and make me smile - because I am so gangsta (duh).

I picked up this sweet calendar made by One Canoe Two at Paper Source.   

It will look so great on my desk at work and (since my desk can get pretty crowded) it's small size is perfect.

I pinned this doorstop from Anthro forever ago.  I've seen it in the store several times, but never bought it for some reason.  It looks kind of like Charlie and I just couldn't pass it up any longer.  Ever heard of a Border Terrier?  Most people haven't, so when I find something that looks even slightly like Charlie without being cheesy, I have to get it.  

Cam likes it.  I showed it to him and said "It looks kind of like, Charlie, right?"  He then showed it to Charlie and said to her "It looks kind of like you, Charlie."  She was unimpressed and walked away.  

Cam jumped into my photo shoot because he loves being a model I made him.  I wanted to test out the new backdrop fabric I bought and see how it would look with people.  Cam passed with flying colors since he pretty much looks good in anything.  Also, I have no idea what he was looking at in these pictures since there was no one else in the room with us.

I'm still working on getting my settings right so the gray backdrop doesn't have any yellow in it.  If you look back through the pictures in this post, you'll see that the backdrop is a different color in every photo - not good.  If anything, this gray has green in it, not yellow.  The photo where the color is the most accurate would have to be the washi tape photo, so now I need to figure out how to make them all look like that.

Hmm...guess I'll just have to make Cam come back and be my model until I get it right.


  1. I love your pictures of Cam. He's so totally free of adult stress and cares and childhood is a wonderful gift from God! He lives in a calm world full of love, kindness and total acceptance. This is a precious time in our life, childhood. He's blessed to have all of you as his family!

  2. ...oh...and I love your doorstop. I have one like that but mine has a squirrel on it. But one with Charlie beats the squirrel!