Friday, September 21, 2012

Farmer's Market

The weather has been so stinkin' awesome lately.  It makes me want to grab my field hockey stick and hit the turf.  It makes me want to carve pumpkins, drink some apple cider, and bundle up by the fire.  Seriously, fall is my fav.

The local park hosts a small market on the weekends.  Char, Cam and I headed there to get some fresh produce, play on the playground, and enjoy the weather.

It's funny to see Cam be shy around other people when he is so outgoing with us.  But I guess he's pretty comfortable around us.

Me: "It smells like poo.  Did you poop in your diaper, Cam?"
Cam: "No. It was you."

I think somebody gets his sense of humor from his dad.

This little monkey was all over the place.  It's hard to get a picture of him without there being a big ball of blur!

Getting ready to race his mama down the slide.

If he was longer, he would have won.

Can going down a slide make you go into labor?
I sure did hope so - but no such luck.

This is when I yelled "Ah! Stop moving!"
Seriously, so hard to get a picture of this kid that's in focus.  I think I need to teach him a new game.  We'll call it The Freeze Game.  The rules are simple: I yell "freeze!" and he freezes until I snap the picture.  Done.

Just when I think he'll never stop, he goes into a daze.  He was watching an adorable, little girl swing.  Maybe he was thinking of pick-up lines in his head.  Pretty sure all he would have had to do was look at her with those big, brown eyes and she'd never be able to say no.

It works on me every time.

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