Thursday, September 13, 2012

Button Time

Cameron was over yesterday.  While he was being all cute and playing with buttons, I had a realization - I hadn't taken a picture of Cam in forever!  I just checked - I haven't taken real photos of the Camster since July!

How did I look at those concentrating eyebrows for the past two months and not take a photo of them? Playing with buttons takes a lot of concentration.

I love this photo because Cam is asking "What's dat?" and I love how he gets those cute little lines around his mouth when he talks.  It's totes adorbs (translation - totally adorable).  Get with the lingo, people.

There's something so fun about playing with buttons.  I always think that sinking my hand into a bucket of buttons is a little bit of what Scrooge McDuck felt when he swam in his money.

Have a lovely Thursday!  We are having lovely weather in PA!  I hope you are, too!  Ok, I'm going to go sink my hand into a bucket of buttons.

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