Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Photo That Started It All

Last December, I bought Jane.   

Then for Christmas, I received Alice.  

Several weeks ago, I bought Oscar.

Photography has become a hobby of mine.  Each time I go out to take photos, I learn something new about my lens or camera.  It's been a wonderful hobby and has been great motivation to get off my butt and enjoy the world!  

I used to take photos just to document things for this blog.  I wanted them to look nice, but it wasn't a high priority - plus, I had no idea what I was doing.  Early last year, I "borrowed" my dad's dslr and didn't give it back.  I started to get really interested in how to take photos and what settings to use.  Eventually, I gave back my dad's camera and bought one for myself.  There was one photo that really got me thinking about getting into photography - 

March 9, 2011
Yes, a photo of Charlie's hotdog was the photo that started it all.  I was writing a post about a mystery I had solved: the mystery of the marks on the wall.   I realized that Charlie's hotdog was leaving red marks on the walls as it bounced off of them, so I took a photo of the culprit.  When I looked at this photo, I loved the blur in the background.  I loved that the front of the photo was bright and the background was dark. 

I started to wonder how I could recreate this look.  So, I hit up the internet and started finding some really great information.  Being a self-taught photographer/designer, I've learned how to search google like a pro.  One of the first places I headed to learn more about taking photos was the Pioneer Woman's blog.  She has many great posts about understanding your camera. 

Then it was all about practice.  The best advice I can give to anyone in my situation (those of you teaching yourself how to use your camera) is get out there and use it!  I started taking special trips just to take photos.  

I took Jane/Alice/Oscar:
- on a snowy walk
- wherever my nephew went
- to my alma mater 
- on a windy walk
- wherever Charlie went
- on a beautiful garden tour
- on a photo road trip with Mel

Creating opportunities to use my camera has really helped me to understand it.  Well, maybe I shouldn't say "understand" it's more like...know what to use and when.  I still have no idea why ISO works the way it does or what ISO stands for - but I do know when to change it.  

I'm not saying I'm an amazing photographer, but I've gotten to the point where I like the photos I take.

It's been really fun getting to know my camera and really fun taking trip to take photos.  I can't wait to learn more!

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  1. Grandma wanted a collage of pictures of her great grandkids and thanks to you and your great photos of Cam, I snatched some! She loves 'em.