Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Spray Painting the Dog

Yesterday I showed you how I added some more storage to my desk.  The 79¢ flower pots from Ikea were a great buy and I was loving how they looked, but I wanted to make them a little more special.

At first, I wanted to do a neon dip like these pots, but (to be honest) I don't know how to incorporate neon into my space and I didn't want to go buy neon spray paint for this small project.  I settled on white instead.

To start, I marked a line all the way around the pot by setting my pencil on this pin case and then spinning the flower pot.  This was the best way to get a level line.

The next step was to cover the rest of the pot in old newspaper so that I wouldn't get paint in the wrong places.  I also covered the bottom since there was a big ol' sticker I couldn't get off.  Maybe it was useless, but I was worried that the paint would never dry on the sticker.  When I wrapped the tape around the pot, I made sure to leave the pencil line exposed so that it would get painted over.

Next, Charlie and I headed out to the deck to do the spray painting.  While she hunted for squirrels, I got busy adding white to my pots.  I used white primer because it's all I had; as a bonus, it's a matte finish which looks nice in contrast to the shininess of the pots.

Charlie wanted to stay on the deck and enjoy the sun, so I left her out there while the first coat dried.  She stayed in that same spot while I painted the second coat.  The wind was blowing away from us so I wasn't worried about getting paint on her.  As I was spray painting, the wind changed directions quickly and all the extra spray went right into Charlie's face.  Didn't take her long to move when that happened.   Poor girl.

This is why this blog is called "Virginia and Charlie".  We do it all together.

After two light coats of primer, I was ready to get my pots inside and take off the paper.  The end result is just as I planned and it looks wonderful.  It's that DIY touch that makes these flower pots feel a little extra-special.

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