Friday, August 17, 2012

Photo Strip on Canvas, Episode 2

A few months ago, my mom found these four photos of Esther, Zack and me.  We have no idea when or where they were taken, but they are fantastic.  Poor Zack was hidden by my fat head.  That's what happens when you are the only boy and you have three sisters - you are very out numbered.

Esther and I each took two - so the next step was to figure out how to frame my two photos.

I bought a 6x6" canvas at Michael's a few weeks ago and decided to use that as my frame.  I was going to get an actual frame, but I didn't want the frame to dwarf the photos.

I used my silhouette to cut out two of this lattice shape.  Once I had them both cut out, I glued them together and then glued them to my canvas (all with stick glue).

Using some dark gray paint I found in my closet, I set about painting the canvas and the paper cutouts.

After the paint dried, I used double sided tape to adhere my photos to the canvas.  In the future, I probably will frame these, so double sided tape was a good, temporary option for sticking these to the frame.

Random Fact - those were my most favorite glasses ever.  They had a ton of different colors and they were awesome.  I got them when I was in Kindergarten and I remember thinking they were so cool because the inside said "made in Australia."   I made sure to tell all of my friends that.

I also used this same technique (and some blue paint) to finish the canvas that holds my good friend, Krit's, save-the-date.  I don't usually hold onto save-the-dates, but the photos of Kristin and her husband, Ryan, are so nice.

The photo strip on the left is from out vacation to OCNJ this summer.  Esther and I kept up our photo booth tradition and this time added a little fun to it.

Out of all the photo booths we could have picked, we chose the sketchy one.  We had no idea it was even taking photos until it flashed, hence the photo of our purses.  Then we had to wait over 10 minutes for it to print.  Also, I had forgotten to bring my glasses with me to the boardwalk, so I had to leave my sunglasses on so I could see.  I had to eat lunch with them on - which wouldn't have been so weird except that we were eating inside.  Oh well!  I'll never see those people again.

Finding a way to display memories is one the best things about DIY projects.  I can't wait to find a place on my wall for all of these memories.


  1. Thanks for the good laugh this AM. People who saw you inside with your shades were probably trying to figure out if you were from TV or movies! The one time dad, your mom, Auntie Becky and I did a photo both thing, we went in one at a time and never even thought to just cram all in the booth at once. What can I say...we lacked a bit of creativity!

  2. Oh hey. I'd like to order one lovelove photo canvas for me.

    love, krit.