Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pets on the Furniture?

As I was doing my nightly blog browsing, I saw this post on Apartment Therapy.  This beautiful dog, Oscar, has his own blog - that his human writes for him, of course.  The stories and illustrations are lovely.

Anyway, this question got me thinking - Pets On Furniture: Yay or Nay?  Well, I think we all know my answer to that...

But I know not everyone is fond of having pets on the couch.  As for me, this is what I love about having a dog.  I love that Charlie feels free to hop onto any furniture she wishes.  Hmm, maybe I should rephrase that...

I love that Charlie considers the furniture as her own. Hmm, nope, still not right...

Charlie owns this joint.  Yeah, that's better.

And I'm totally fine with that.  I'll be the first to admit that she's spoiled.  And I'm totally fine with that, too.

I love my Border Terrier.  I love having a scruffy little pup to share my space with.  She gets me up and out of bed, she gets me outside, and she keeps me active!

Browsing has become one of my nightly habits.  A lot of houses get the axe because it's not Charlie Friendly: carpeted floors so my pup wont slip when she runs and a big backyard are very important to me.

She's also my little watch dog.  Right now, Charlie is downstairs barking at my dad, who just got home from a soccer game.  She heard the garage door open and she knows someone's here - but she doesn't know just who it is yet.  And until she knows otherwise, everyone is a stranger.

Don't get me wrong, she's no guard dog.  If someone ever got into the house, Charlie would greet them, run away to get her chicken, and then ask to play.

I love that she's good with kids.  Cam is obsessed with Charlie.  When she's not in the room (probably because she's avoiding him) he says "Where's Charlie? Charlie Girl. Charlie Girl. Charlie Girl..."  When Cam has food, Charlie is his best friend.  That's a good thing and a bad thing: Cam loves that Charlie follows him around, but then he cries when she grabs the food right out of his hand.  When he's in the high chair and she's stands up to beg, he says "Get down Charlie."  When she gets down he says "Good girl, Charlie."  He's a very polite kid.

Cam loves to hug Charlie, but she doesn't like to be hugged.  She doesn't like to be grabbed in any way, but she's patient.  If we don't see the hug in time to tell him to be gentle, he sometimes grabs her too tightly.  But, even when she doesn't like it, Charlie won't bite him.

My little, bearded lady is a joy to have around.  She makes friends easily and wears her emotions on her sleeve.  If she doesn't like something, she'll let you know (she will growl if you disturb her slumber).  If she wants what you have, she'll let you know (whining/begging/growling for food is a common occurrence).  If she wants out of the room, she'll let you know (laying with her nose touching the door is the let-me-out signal).

She's a terrier, they don't do subtle.

There's a lot of things I should probably change about this pup: she steals food off your plate, she whines while you eat, she jumps on any furniture she wants (no matter whose house), she jumps on people when she greets them (often knocking over little kids) she doesn't put her toys away, and she doesn't get along with other dogs (at all).

But - those are all things I've learned to live with and things I don't mind.  We adapt.  When we go to the vet and I see a big dog walking in, we head around the corner.  When I put my plate down, I make sure she can't reach it.  When little kids visit, I hold Charlie on her leash until she calms down.  There are compromises in every relationship, right? So I compromise for Charlie and she compromises for me.

There are some people out there that think having a dog is a dumb decision (cough, cough, Dave).  But us dog people, we know better.  A lot of people don't want a dog because they don't have time or they want to be able to go on trips without worrying about a dogsitter.  But us dog people, we know better.  Some people don't want a dog because they can be expensive and they believe its not worth the money.  But us dog people, we know better.

It's easy for me to get overly sentimental when I talk about my pup.  When I think about life without her, I can actually tear up.  Someday I'll have to face that, but for now, I'm going to enjoy every second of the whining, begging, playing, growling, sleeping, dreaming, greeting, and barking.  Because us dog people, we see the joy in that.

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