Monday, August 20, 2012

Golf Cart Macro

Summer weather in pa can be described in three words: humid, humid, humid.  It's ridiculous.  It could be 75 degrees, with a real-feel of 95 because of the humidity.  Gross.  So when I walked out of work last week and felt the beautiful humidity-free weather, I knew it was the perfect day to take some photos.

In my five minutes drive home, I quickly ran through my mental list of great places to take photos.  I didn't want to travel to far because my dad was going to be picking up dinner.  After some thought, I settled on taking a golf cart ride around the neighborhood.

Charlie loves the golf cart, so I knew she would love to tag along; I can't hold a leash and take a photo a the same time, so I enlisted the help of my favorite dog sitter.  It was pretty easy to talk Mom into taking a short golf cart ride with me - she loves Charlie just as much as me.

My sneaky-photo-thief techniques are getting much better.  We managed to sneak around the entire neighborhood in the golf cart, taking photos of my neighbors beautiful plants without even getting caught (not that they would have cared).

Thank goodness for 100mm lenses, because there is no way I would get close to a bug.  I drove by my neighbors peach tree looking for a photogenic peach - when I saw the entire bee colony hovering around the peaches, I hit the gas and we were gone.  I don't do bugs.  End of story.

I know this isn't a spectacularly amazing photo - but how cool does that spider web look?  It was just glowing in the evening light.  Very cool.  Thank goodness the spider wasn't around.

It was a very fun little trip.  It's always good to get more practice with my macro lens - this lens has taken me quite awhile to figure out.  On the bright side, it's forced me to start shooting in full manual (and that's a whole nother story).

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