Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fireworks! Sort of...

Around the 4th of July, Esther bought some sparklers and poppers (what are those things called?  The ones you throw at the ground?).  Of course, we didn't use them on July 4th, because we forgot.  We finally pulled them out on the last day before Esther left.

Cammy was very excited to see the sparklers!  He also had a great time with the poppers; it took him a little practice to get them to pop, but he did finally get it.

While we were outside, our neighbors stopped by on their way home from a run.  Cam loves them - he especially loves being chased by them.

Look at that grin on his face!  He is loving it!

Not sure what was happening in these two photos, but the kid looks cute so they get posted.

Can't wait til Esther gets home again.  Many things will be awesome about that - Esther will be home, Cam's future brother or sister will be here (fingers crossed), and it will be September (cool weather and fall sports). Can't wait for September!

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