Friday, July 27, 2012

The Good in the Bad

So, yesterday was my birthday and (not gonna lie) it sort of sucked.  So here's the deal: got up late, drank ants in my rootbeer, only had time to mow 2/3rds of the lawn, huge thunderstorm, electricity went out, and had to run the generator by myself (that's scary stuff people).

Good news?  Yes, there's good news.  My family rocks.

Mom and Dad sent me flowers today, which made work all the more enjoyable.

Esther (even though she's in Asia) had an awesome birthday present waiting for me when I woke up.  This, this, and two of these.  Amazing (I'll take some photos this weekend for you).

Charlotte made my birthday cakes and they were delicious.  I had one two three pieces.  And when I called to tell her I may be house crashing if the electricity didn't come back on, she didn't mind a bit.  

Cam sang me a happy birthday song that went like this: "Happy birthday to morning." When prompted to sing a song about me, he came up with this: "Ginner Ginner Ginner Mommy Mommy Cameron."  It was beautiful.  I may or may not have watched it 20 times today.

Frank didn't hesitate to offer to come help me with the generator stuff.  Even though it was already running, I was really tempted to take him up on his offer.  I refrained, but it was comforting to know that help was only a phone call away.

Dad very patiently walked me through each step of hooking up the generator.  Which included at least 10 phone calls because the only landline that worked was in the bedroom and everything with the generator was in the garage.

And I got to spend some time on the deck with Charlie, my birthday flowers, and Oscar.

It was so hot and humid out that my lens fogged up!  I kept thinking "why the heck won't it focus?"

Out of the 82 photos I took, this one is my favorite.  This is my little hunter sticking her head as far out as she can in hopes of chasing some squirrels.  Someday Charlie, you'll have a backyard and you can go hog wild chasing squirrels and birds and rodents and bugs.

Oh my goodness, would you look at those eyebrows?  I think somebody needs a trip to the groomers!  Not it to take her!

I hope you all enjoy the weekend!  I get to see my bestest friends on Sunday and I can't wait.

ps. Mom, doesn't my post title remind you of the best show ever? Bones!