Thursday, July 19, 2012

Some Charlie Love

So I just checked and it's been over a month since Charlie has made an appearance on this blog.  Over a month, people.  That's ca-razy.   I try to plan what I'll be posting each week and on last weekends to-do list I wrote "photo shoot with Charlie."

Basically it goes like this - I sit her down in nice light, pretend like I have a treat in my hand, and then move my hand all around so I get her looking in different directions.

I try to get some photos that are a little different - that aren't always her face or her ears.  Like this foot shot.  This is her comfy-sit; it's how she sits when she knows she wont be going anywhere for awhile.

And then she just gets plain comfy.  After getting comfy, her next move is the sniff the carpet around her face in hopes that there are treat remnants within her reach.

No such luck.  When I sit her down like this, my goal is to get some nice updated photos of the pooch.  It's good practice and it's always nice to look at this face when I'm editing photos.

I actually really like the way this one turned out.  I like that you get a little peak of her face on the side, but her foot is what's in focus.  I'll tell you one thing, Charlie does not like it when you touch her feet.  She won't bite you (because she knows better) but she will lick your hand as if to say "please please please stop touching my feet."

After the photo shoot is all over, she gets a bone for being so patient and a belly rub for being so still.  Me? I get sneezed on. Thanks, Charlie, love you too.

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