Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Printable To-Do List

My little project yesterday was so much fun, I decided to try another small project.  See!  I'm evolving.  Instead of big projects that take up lots of time and space, I'm making small projects that take up less space (but still manage to take up lots of time).

I'm a lover of lists.  I make lists for everything I do.  When the paper gets to be a mess, I make a new list and throw the old one away.  Clean and organized - that's how I like my lists.

Here's a list for all you list-lovers out there (scroll down for the link).  It's a two page PDF with four colors for you to choose from.  You can color code your lists: red for household tasks, yellow for craft projects, green for work items, and blue for things you should do but never will (like giving the dog a bath).

Two of my favorite parts;

Check It: All of my lists include check boxes.  I need to be able to mark that I've done something without completely crossing it off.

Optimism: Lists can be long and overwhelming.  In case you find yourself needing a little encouragement, just take a look at the bottom right. 

Unfortunately, not everything on the to-do list is fun.  Instead of completing the tasks on my list, I wrote a blog post.  Hmm...I should have put that on my list so that I could have crossed it off and looked like I accomplished something.

Much better.

Download my to-do list freebie right here.


  1. Well, no doubt Charlie was happy to see she got crossed off that list in favor of writing the blog!