Thursday, July 5, 2012

OCNJ with the fam

This is my first summer since Kindergarten that I did not have off.  K-12: summer off.  College: summers off.  Teaching: summer off.  Multi-Media Assistant: work all year.

Woa woa woa - work all year? Can I do this?  Good news: yes, I can do this.  Better news: my job rocks, I want to do this.  I've been talking a lot lately about transitioning to a new job/lifestyle/living situation.  Working through the summer is part of that transition.  I used to push off doing big projects until summer rolled around - now I really understand the term "weekend warrior."  I digress...

So basically, this is my first summer vacation that I actually needed vacation days for!  Let me tell you, this was a great vacation.  I got to spend a lot of time with my family, handsome Cam, and my blog.  Since getting this new job, my blogging schedule is changing a bit; it was really nice to have large chunks of time to write.

But even better, it was really nice to have large chunks of time with my family.  I'll add captions to my favorite photos, but overall I'll shut up and let you just look.

beefy hands. enough said.

"oh! pizza!" and then he proceeded to poke it.

Getting ready to go on his first roller coaster!
this is when we were all praying he would love it and not be scared.

he loved it.

apparently, he made noises the entire ride!  he really loved it.

a beautiful night on the boardwalk

that's one way to use a stroller

We had a wonderful trip!  Can't wait to do it again next year!

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