Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Quilt

Umm, so I'm a terrible person.  Last July (July 5th to be exact), I posted about the fabric my mom and I picked out for my quilt, but I never posted the finished product!  What was I thinking?  It looks awesome and you should see it!

My mom is a talented sewer seamstress and she offered to make me a quilt.  Even better, she let me design it myself.  It was quite a long process to finish the design of this quilt.  My mom saved all the papers we used to plan it out; I'll use those to show you our process.

First came the inspiration.
We found this design on  I love designs that are very clean and structured, so this was right up my alley.  One problem - I don't like patterns.  Well, I don't like patterns that have an obvious repeat.  The first thing I do when I look at fabric is look for the repeat.  If the repeat is too small, I don't like it.  That's the wonderful thing about homemade quilts, they don't have to have a pattern!

I started by deciding the dimensions.  I hate short blankets.  When you can't cover your feet and your shoulders at the same time, the blanket has completely failed to do it's job.  My blnnket is 70in x 50 in; perfect coverage.

After deciding on the dimensions, I started creating my blocks.  I didn't want them to follow a pattern or all be the same size.  The numbers going down the left side of each column are inches, as well as the numbers on top of the columns: a 5 in column, a 10 inch colum, and an 8 inch column.  The number in the center of each block corresponds to the fabric we were using.  I split each one randomly - or so I thought - turns out each column had 14 blocks, not so random after all.

Then I went through and placed the fabrics on the blocks to evenly spread the patterns so I didn't have too much blue or yellow or brown clumped together.  Once we had the pieces all cut out, I did some more rearranging, but it mostly stayed the same.

Mom organized all the fabrics we chose and ordered everything from  This is something I'm so glad I didn't have to do because it looks incredibly difficult.  As you can see, this was not a cheap project, but it was worth it.

Then came the cutting.  My mom and I spent an entire Saturday cutting - no joke.  It took forever because each piece was different, plus we had to make sure we had all the pieces.  Then we pinned the columns together in the correct order...and then we both died.

That was the end of my contribution to the quilt.  After we had everything cut and pinned, Mom took over.  She pulled it all together and made it look amazing.  This is really a family made quilt; after my mom sewed all the pieces together, my Auntie Sharon did the quilting.

Not only did we cut enough for my quilt, we also cut pieces for Charlie's quilt (yes, Charlie and I have matching quilts).  It may be weird to most of you that my dog has a quilt, but you should have seen the old blanket I kept on the couch (yuck).  It's nice to have something on the couch that is nice looking and covers her side completely.  Custom quilts are the best.

Needless to say, she loves it.  She is now incredibly spoiled and hates to sleep on the couch without her blanket.

It's the perfect size and looks wonderful with my couch.  Not only did Mom make me a quilt...

she also made me a runner for my hutch...

and a pillow.  Not to mention all the things she sewed for my bedroom makeover!

It's a wonderful living room collection and it's just plain awesome.  And while we're on the subject...

 She has recently made me two mug rugs.  A mug rug is a large coaster.  It has room for your drink and your snack, so you don't get any crumbs or drips on your desk.

I keep this one on my desk at home and it's currently holding two cups (since I never take my dishes down drink a lot of water).

This beauty stays on my desk at work.  I get a lot of compliments on it.  Seriously, get yourself a mug rug - you will not regret it.

Thanks for all the things you've made for me, Mom!