Monday, July 23, 2012

My Favorite Apps

As you all know, I'm an avid lover of the iPhone. It goes everywhere I go.  I have recently upgraded to the 4s with Siri (who, btw, is amazing).  There are certain apps on this phone that I cannot live without and get used every day.  I have the standard favorite - facebook, instagram, twitter, hulu, netflix - instead of telling you about those, I wanted to tell you about some of my other favorites.

This is Clear.  Clear is the best app I have found so far for keeping lists.  It's also the best looking and least complicated of list apps that I've found.  It's simple and fast.  When you create a list, it shows up on the lists page (top left).  If there are no items in that list, you get to see a quote (a nice little bonus, pictured top right).

When you want to add a new item, you simple tap the screen and start typing (bottom two photos).  I love the color scheme.  I'm a big fan of ombre and this app has plenty of color options to choose from.  There are even secret themes that you can unlock.

Cost: $2.99

This is Real Simple.  It's a great app for finding just the right meal to make for dinner.  You choose what you're starting with, how many minutes you have, and bam, recipes galore.  You can save them to your recipe box so you don't loose them and it even helps you create your shopping list.

Once you start cooking, it gives you step by step directions; when you rotate the phone, you can just flick to the next direction.  If that step requires 10 minutes of cooking, just set the timer right there on the app.  It's visually pleasing to the eye and organized very well.

Cost: $4.99

This is Shazaam.  Have you ever heard a song on the radio that you loved, but you didn't know what it was?  Well, Shazaam has come to your rescue.  Open the app, touch the button in the middle of the screen and Shazaam will start listening.  Once it's heard enough, it tells you what song you are listening to and gives you the option to download it from iTunes.  I use this app all the time and it's awesome.

Cost: Free

This is Picasa. I use Picasa to upload images to this blog.  I take a lot of those images with my phone.  Before having this app, I used to email the images to myself, download it onto the computer, upload it to picasa, and then post it.  Way too many steps.  Now all I have to do is upload from my photo library and my photos are in Picasa before I even start writing.  It's wonderful and time saving and I love it.

Cost: $2.99

This is Square Ball.  Tetris and Solitaire are my usual go-to games, but Square Ball is quickly becoming one of my favorites.  It's a fast paced game where you work to get the square ball to the other end of the level before time runs out.  The ball only moves up and down in the center of the screen, so instead of moving the ball, you move the level.  Super fun and very addicting.

Cost: $0.99

 This is RunPee.  It does exactly what it implies - it tells you when to run and go pee during a movie.  When you open the app, you can pick which movie you are seeing.  If you are running late, you can read a synopsis of the first five minutes.  When the movie begins, start the timer (bottom left).  The phone will vibrate 2 mintues before a pee time and then again one minute before.

Best part - it gives you a cue as to when to leave and tells you what you'll miss.  For example, 1 hour and 33 minutes into The Hunger Games you get a 4 minutes pee time.  The cue - "Katniss says to Rue: 'We'll be ok.'"  And that when you get up and go.  Seriously, this app is ingenius.  Why didn't anyone think of this sooner?

My favorite thing about this app is what you see when you scroll down to the end of the movie page: "Anything extra after the end credits?"  How many times have you sat through the entire credits only to find there's nothing there?  That's happened to me more times than I want to remember.  Now there's no question about it.

Cost: Free

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