Friday, July 13, 2012

Here's to the future!

When I first moved back in with my parents, I packed everything away and only kept out what I loved/needed/couldn't live without.  While I'm at home, I've been putting extra money aside to buy a home of my own (thank you Mom and Dad for letting me live here rent free).  My down payment savings is quickly growing and that's something that is very fun to watch.

I've recently decided that I would also start buying possessions for my new home: knick-knacks, baskets, small appliances, decorations, art pieces.  I know I will not have any extra money when I move out, so now is the time to do it.  As I collect things for my future home, I'll share them with you and we can be excited together!

I found these wire baskets at Target in the college-kid-back-to-school section.  As soon as I saw them I knew they would be perfect for my future kitchen.  It's actually supposed to be a shower caddy, but I know my napkins and salt and pepper shakers will look adorable in there.  Just in case you are wondering, they cost $10 a piece.

I got these babies from on sale from West Elm for $7 each.  The gray is beautiful and I love that thick white stripe.

I've officially decided on the color scheme for my kitchen: purple, gray, and white.  The pitcher on the left was an antique store find.  The pitcher on the right was a gift from Esther that she picked up when she was in Spain last summer.   I like the mix of the very traditional flower pattern with the simple, bold design of the West Elm towels.  That is totally me.  Those colors will look really nice with the dark wood of my dining room table.

This is one little guy that's going to stand out in my future kitchen.  I pinned this little guy a few months ago without any real plans for purchasing him.  And then I saw him in Target.  That is where our love story began - aisle 42 on a sunny day in eastern pa.  We were meant to be together.  I shall call him Albert and he will be mine.   He was a hefty $20, but he was worth it.

This lovely pillow will be for my future patio.  I got it on sale at Target for $10.  Someday I will have a patio were I can sit and relax and watch the dog run and play sit and relax.  This lovely pillow will go wonderfully on that patio.  Let's hope the patio I someday will own looks as nice as the one I am picturing.

Last, but certainly not least, is this lovely lamp from West Elm.  When I showed you this guy a few weeks ago, he was on back order.  Now he is here and I am loving it!  At first, it was weird to me that the cord went out the back without going through the base, but when you are standing in front of it, you don't see the cord at all.  It's great!

It's fun to buy things for the home I will have someday.  Everything you've seen on this post will be going into storage for the time being (besides the lamp).  It will be like Christmas on the day I move in; getting to finally use everything that I've been buying.  I'll tell you one thing, it's sure making it hard to wait!


  1. I recently stumbled upon your blog through Pinterest, and while I was initially interested because of the art projects, I really enjoy reading about all the things you write about! Keep it up! :)

    1. Thank you so much for this sweet comment! It's really nice to hear that what I babble about is fun to read and entertaining. Thank you for reading! -Virginia

  2. You're collecting some great stuff for your future home. Where you're living now may be a small space but very cozy and creative and one thing's for can't find better neighbors, including the ones who live right downstairs! Happy times.