Friday, July 20, 2012

Air Venture

My dad loves going to the Oshkosh air show.  What he doesn't love is their t-shirt selection.  So this year he asked me to design a t-shirt for him.  You may think that working with your family can be a big pain, but I love it.  I love designing things that my family loves.  Plus, when you have a engineer for a father and a product manager for sister, you get pretty good at taking criticism.  They always have great suggestions for my designs and I love getting their input.

I put together a few options for my dad to take a look at and chose which one he liked best.  All the options included this biplane.  It's a great design with wonderful detail and, thanks to istockphoto, I have a high quality file to play with.

We talked through some color options and finally ended up with this.  We considered gray or white shirts since my dad may be wearing this in the sun, but blue was the top contender.  He isn't just going to wear this in the sun, so we figured navy was still a good choice.  Plus, we both love the navy/white combo.

sorry for the iphone photos.  its 11 pm and there's no point in using jane
The shirts turned out great!  The best part is how cheap they were.  My dad found a place where you can custom order small amounts of shirts without it costing an arm and a leg.  Instead of screen printing these shirts, JD Sports did custom cut outs and then adheres the cut outs onto each shirt (can you tell I don't know too much about the process?).  We've worked with them a few times now and the shirts have always turned out great.

Look at that detail!  It's incredible what they can do.  They have to hand place each color, hence a little overlapping, but it still looks amazing.  The best part is the price.  These shirts came to about $12 a shirt.  Seriously?  I'm pretty sure I've paid more than that for every shirt I own.  

i know, i know - terrible photo.  sorry!
I'm really proud of this design, so I made my dad some business cards to take on his trip.  That way if anyone asks him about it, they can be connected back to me and this blog.  Don't judge the cards, it was a last minutes thing; I already have a new design in the works and I plan on getting them printed professionally very soon.  I'll especially need them for when I open my etsy shop - which I am still working on, I promise.  

Enjoy your trip, Dad!  Mom and I will try not to have too much fun while you're gone.