Friday, June 22, 2012

Photo Challenge: Day 5, Sunglasses

Last weekend, I went shopping with my best friend, Kristin.  That's her behind the toilet seat.  Oh yes, it's a toilet seat, decorated as a face (wig included).  

When we were first talking about getting together, we decided that we would go thrifting.  After hitting up our favorite spots in Lancaster, we went to our favorite stores: Target and Home Goods.  Thrifting is fun, but who can pass up Target and Home Goods?

We systematically work our way through every aisle; talking, laughing, planning, judging the things we see.  BTW, we actually do have a system (especially for Home Goods).  Circle around the outside aisles and then we head to the middle and weave in and out til we've hit every one.  We found this Pivot Power cord at Target.  What a genius idea!

I like the colors of this pillow, so I put it in my cart to take a picture (I guess I could have just left it on the shelf).  Then I preceded to walk off with it until Kristin asked me "Are you buying that?"  And then I did what I hated as a person who used to work in retail - I left it on a random shelf instead of putting it back with the pillows!  Sorry to the Target employee who had to put it back!

I love my shopping trips with Kristin!  Can't wait for the next one!  ps. Krit, your swan arm sunglasses rock!

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