Thursday, June 7, 2012

Personalized Markerboard

My good friend Leia turned six on the 1st of June.  This little lady is quirky, funny, and always happy.  She is our little wanderer.  She just shows up at the front door and we always have to ask "Do your parents know you're here?"  To which she responds, "Umm...."

For her birthday this year, I made her a personalized marker board.  This is a picture frame that I bought from Walmart for $13.   I knew our little artist/scientist/wanderer would want lost of colors, so I bought her the biggest pack I could find.

With her name in the corner, there's no question as to who this marker board belongs to.  The frame is filled with a white piece of scrapbook paper trimmed down to fit this 8x10 frame.  I cut out her name using my silhouette and glued it onto the mat using stick glue.  Very simple!

Along with a plain piece of paper, I printed some coloring pages for her.  At six years old, she can easily change out the picture in the middle and she'll be able to color it over and over again.  Plus, she can store them in the frame, so they go wherever the marker board goes.

A few little animals helped to make this marker board perfect for a six year old.

I wasn't there to see her open her gift, but I'm pretty sure she likes it considering the fact that she slept with it that night.

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  1. What a great gift! I'd have loved one of those when I was six.