Monday, June 4, 2012

Desktop Wallpapers - June

Otherwise known as "Desktop Wallpaper - Recycled Edition."  Ok, so it's been awhile since I've been to some awesome location to get some new pictures, but I don't like to miss a deadline (ya know, the one I missed on June 1st. oops) so I had to improvise a little.

My black and white approach to wallpapers...

You know the drill:

1. You get the option of downloading the photo with or without the calendar. 
2. There two different sizes to choose from: widescreen or average.  

And just for fun...I threw in some iPhone background at the very bottom of the post (I even sneaked in one of the pooch).

You'll find all the options below.  Because this is such a photo heavy post, I'm inserting a jump.  Click "read more" to see all the options and the instructions for using these photos. 

A polite reminder: these photos are for personal use only. Thanks! If you'd like to use one of these images:
-click on the image to enlarge it (if you don't do this, the image will be pixelated/blurry)
-right click
-save image as
-good to go 

iPhone Wallpapers (same instructions as above, best accessed from your phone):

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  1. I was patiently waiting! I chose the fence one. :)