Friday, June 8, 2012

A Choice

There comes a time in a woman's life when she must make a choice:

Blog or go to sleep?  Since I've chosen blogging over sleep for the past week, it's time to choose sleep.  I have a feeling my mom would want me to make a different choice: folding the clean laundry that has been laying on my living room floor for a week (no lie).

In an effort to give you something for your blog routine (Good morning, Mel!), here's a few pictures of my pooch.

This is my girl, Charlie, enjoying a beautiful morning on the deck.  The maple tree reaches up to the deck and Charlie sits out there daydreaming about chasing down squirrels.  She also likes to spend her time out there sunbathing and sniffing.

On this particular morning, she was a little thirsty so she licked the morning dew off the trees.  Ok - honestly, this is a picture of her just sniffing the tree. When I saw her licking the leaves, I hightailed it to my room and didn't make it back in time to capture the moment.

Man, how desperate must I be for a good photo if Charlie licking a tree had me running for the camera?

It's all good - I'm going to a flower show on Sunday so I'll get tons of good pics.  Hmm...maybe I need to invest in this baby before going.  This would definitely be a good time to have a macro lens.  Someday...

Ok, time to choose sleep and hit the hay.  Adios amigos!


  1. good morning, Gin!! thanks for choosing blogging <3

  2. It's great Charlie can be outside in the sun and fresh air without a leash or you worrying about her running off to sniff the neighbors. I hear she still sits by the front window all day watching for you to come home from work.