Friday, May 18, 2012

Skidamarink A Dink A Dink

Happy Friday!  In case you don't know the song that inspired this post, check out this incredibly creepy video.  I just got that song stuck in your head for the rest of the day.  You're welcome.

 A few weekends ago, I made my friend some wall art to match the theme of the nursery and the onesies I made for her.  I used the same designs from the onesies on this wall art.  Unfortunately, the crab never made it onto a onesie.  My silhouette old silhouette blade was incredibly dull and just couldn't handle it.  The blade has since been replaced, thank goodness.

I combined the crab and anchor with some adorable song lyrics and the colors from the nursery.  The crab looks very red, but he is in fact orange.  I printed them on photo paper using my mom's laser printer.  I had originally planned on printing them at Walmart because I hadn't thought to use Mom's printer.  It saved me a bundle to print them at home and they turned out wonderfully. 

And now you can have them, too.

A friendly reminder: these images are for personal use only
To use these images:
-click the image to enlarge it.
-save as
-choose a place to save the images, then click save
-print on 8.5x11in paper.
-trim to the outside of the border (some of the anchor and crab will be trimmed off)
-place in 8x10 frame




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