Monday, May 14, 2012

Photo Challenge: #2 and #3

This photo challenge is a way for me to stay in touch with my camera and stay fresh.  It started as a weekly challenge, but that quickly faded.  Honestly, this one's all about me.  I'm not doing this to have something to write about...I'm doing this to have motivation to do what I love.  This challenge motivates me to look at things a little differently and I'm not worried about time or deadlines.  So really, its ok that this isn't rolling on a schedule.

This one was pretty tough.  Red isn't one of my favorite colors, so it doesn't exist much in my life.  For this challenge, I found some of my favorite red objects and tried to get creative.

Disclaimer: I tried to upload this photo four times and each time there was a line across it.  So this is me asking you to use your imagination and just mentally erase that yellow line.  Hopefully, you are very confused right now because that would mean the yellow line does not exist...or does it? You decide.  "There is no spoon." (For all my fellow Matrix fans out there)

Cameron has recently discovered this red clown nose and he really enjoys it.  It has a deeper meaning than that though, this goes back to when Zack was in the hospital.  It's one of those stories that no one else would really enjoy, but it is a wonderful memory I have of my brother.

This one really had me stumped, until today.  I'd like to say that I totally had this thought out and new that I was meeting this challenge when I took the photos, but that would be a big lie.  After remembering what the challenge was, I realized I had a few pictures to match.  Cheating?  Maybe.  Gotta go with the flow...

These photos are of Cameron and his mom, Charlotte, playing in the backyard.  A simple game of chase had this little boy giggling and screaming with glee.  He was very loud and it was the best sound I've ever heard.

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