Monday, May 21, 2012

Over 30 Years...

And it’s still kickin.

This coffee table is currently residing in my living room. This sturdy, little table has been around the block a few times (and that’s an understatement). My dad made this coffee table when my parents first got married in 1978.  It has since moved with them from Kansas to Pennsylvania.  It's a jack of all trades; coffee table, tv stand, game table, fort (when you stand it up), shield during nerf wars, and dance floor.  

If this coffee table could talk, I have a feeling it could tell some interesting stories; like how it felt to get gnawed on by a 2 year old.  I won’t tell you which sister chewed on this table, because that would be pretty mean to point out that Esther ate wood.

While still living in my apartment, I gave my old tv stand to my neighbors.  It was a good tv stand, but I knew it wouldn’t fit in my parents’ house.  Plus, it wasn’t really my style, so needless to say no tears were shed as we said goodbye.  No, I wasn't feeling sadness; it was more of a yes-so-glad-i-don't-have-to-cart-this-heavy-sucker-home kind of feeling.

The rough life of this little coffee table will soon be erased (fingers crossed).

Here's the plan: turn the top of this worn-out table into a herringbone masterpiece. 
a finished table with a herringbone pattern combed onto it in yellow
herringbone diy - step by step directions

Ok, "masterpiece" may just be a little over dramatic, but I have been dying to jump on the herringbone wagon and this is the perfect project for it.

It's going to be a long process and since I'm a girl who loves lists...
1. Sanding - this part will suck, but my dad's power sander will make it suck a little less.
2. Priming
3. Taping - oh the joys of getting a straight line.  Measure twice, tape once.
4. Glazing
5. Drying/waiting/ugh
6. Taping again - hopefully this straight line will be made easier by the previous tape job.
7. Glazing again
8. Drying/waiting/ugh again
9. Clear coat - for protection against gnawing teeth and TVs
10. Project complete!
11. Die

The Problems: 
1. One million steps.  This project is not going to be simple.  I know I'm going to run into some problems; namely, my patience.  When I start a project, I like to get it done in one day.  That's just who I am.  I don't have the patience to wait between steps, but I will absolutely have to do that for this project.  Oh crap.
2. What do I do with the TV?  This is not a small TV.  Also, it's not my TV.  I need to make sure that this TV is in a safe, sturdy place while I complete this project.  It makes me a little nervous to just leave it on the floor, though that's probably what will happen.  Sorry, Est!.

The Perks:
1. Moving home.  Hellloooo shop!  My dad has an entire shop full of tools...that I have no idea how to use.  BUT! I will learn. 
2. Moving home.  Hellloooo shop!  Along with a room full of tools, I now have access to loads of space in which to work: shop, deck, grass. So many choices!
3. Moving home.  Time and help.  Now when I have a question, help is only a room and a yell away.  Sorry parents, I can guarantee you will be roped into this somehow.  

The Hmmms:
1. Hmmm...what color will I paint the rest of the table?
2. can I make those DVDs look less ugly?
3. Hmmm....can I talk someone else into sanding for me?
4. Hmmm....what am I getting myself into?

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  1. Hope you will post photos of the progress. That is really a neat table.