Monday, May 7, 2012

Getting Settled In, Bedroom Edition

That past two months have been full of moving; packing, unpacking, repacking, storing, moving, clearning, purging.  Too much action of my blood.  My latest project has been to get myself settled.  If you've ever moved you know what its like; the big things get put away and then the little things hang around for awhile, getting moved from place to place until they find a permanent home.

My goal was to get all those little things put away and, by jove, I did it.

I started with this photoshelf from Ikea.  I've had it for a long time, but never got around to putting it up in my old apartment.  Then when I found out I was moving home, I didn't bother to put it up.

Now it helps to give my dresser/tv more of finished feel.  I've only had it up for a few days and its been a wonderful few days.  Of course, I tried measuring, looking for a stud, and marking the wall before drilling it in, but in the end I just had to go for it.  None of my measuring ever seems to work anyway.

Now this was an undertaking.  In case you don't know already, I have a problem with this kind of thing.  Having something even a little off center can really drive me crazy.  So getting these two frames exactly right was going to be tough.  I needed them centered above the bed and hung perfectly together.  After about 15 minutes, Mom and I stepped back to see a perfectly completed project.  Phew.  That could have gotten ugly.

Charlie sure seems to like them.

Next I moved on to this part of my room.  I wanted this to be my little reading/relaxing nook.  I hung all of my favorite things on these two walls.  This side of the room is looking really good.

Huh?  What are you talking about? I don't see a really ugly dog crate.  There's no such thing in my room. Never.

You can see that I combined things from my old bedroom and dining room to hang in here.  I'm especially excited to see the "Keep Calm" art up on the wall.  Esther got that for me for Christmas and I love it.  I have been getting really sick of those Keep Calm things I see all over Pinterest, but I LOVE this one.  I think it matches my puffy paint art perfectly.  "Her heart did whisper that he had done it for her." is a line from Pride and Prejudice.  A perfect combination.

Look! A new light!  Mom purchased two of these and I have one in my living room too.  I feel bad when she buys stuff that goes in my rooms, but she's right, it won't be leaving with me.

It's so much nicer to be in my room knowing that everything has been put away and has a place.  It's very relaxing.


  1. Lindo, lindo e lindo!
    Não precisamos de homens,podemos furar e montar nossa casa sem eles...(basta uma furadeira...risos)

  2. I have to study the photos to figure out just where things are...the whole place has really been transformed into a totally great apartment!!! Lookin' good!