Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 17 - Honey Chicken Skewers

Yum. Delicious. Can I have another?

This week's meal from Real Simple was quite a challenge.  Our weekend weather was absolutely beautiful and we spent much of the weekend outside.   When the weather is perfect, you just have to grill, so Honey Chicken Skewers were the perfect choice.

Shopping was super fun (yes, I just said "super fun." get over it) this week because I was not alone! Char and I went shopping together.  It's a good thing, too, because I realized how little I know about picking fresh produce.  Corn, beans, and watermelon were on the list.  How can you tell that the corn is good when it hasn't been shucked?  Seems like a lot of guess work to me!

We were in and out in about 30 minutes, with one quick stop to pick up some Pepcid AC for the pooch.  It's rough when your dog gets sick because you have no way to tell what's going on.  I worried all day.  Plus, I forgot my phone so I was freaking out that my mom had tried to call, but couldn't get a hold of me.  If I'm this way with my dog, how much worse is it going to be when I have a kid?  Uffda.

Grill, baby, grill!  This was my first time using the grill and, boy, was I nervous.  The simple fact that gas is constantly flowing around had me on edge.  I learned how to turn it on, how to check the temp, and how to use very long thongs.  Though, I must admit, they weren't long enough for me; so hot!

Between Char and me, we had our hands full and were constantly moving.  I never would have been able to pull this off by myself.  While I was watching the grill, Char was whipping up corn salad, bread, and green beans.  The chicken cooked very quickly, so it would have been hard to multitask.

Gotta love natural light!  The meal was fantastic.  I had read a few reviews online that said the sauce just tasted like ketchup; I would agree with that, but it was still good.  Also, the corn had a bit too many scallions for my taste, but I also hate scallions.  So, basically, any amount of scallions is too much.  But I must say, this was awesome.  It was fun to cook for the family and have it turn out great.

Cam didn't eat the chicken.  Boo.  I would have been insulted, except that this kid doesn't eat any meat.  Look at that muscle tee.  Too cute.  See those dirty feet?  That's a sign of a very good day outdoors.

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  1. Ummmm, that looks like such a good dinner. I'll hang onto that recipe and see if I can't try it here!