Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day 16 - Alfredo Sauce

Ok, so technically, I did this already. But, since last time was sort of a flop, I'm calling a mulligan.  Plus, I just really wanted chicken alfredo.  I cheated and used premade noodles, but I did make my own sauce by following this recipe from Tyler Florence.

This time was a little different.  The closest Giant is almost 20 minutes from my home, but there is a Walmart only five minutes away, so I headed there.  I miss my Giant.  It was so nice and comfortable.  The nice thing about Walmart is that nobody expects you to look even halfway decent and I took full advantage of that.  This was sort of an impulse dinner, so I ran to Walmart in my sweatpants, pajama shirt (don't worry, it was covered by a jacket), and my mom's shoes.  My hair was a huge mess because it was super humid out.  So basically, I fit the general description of a Walmart customer.

I only needed three ingredients, so I was in and out in only a few minutes.  Hurray for speedy shopping!

Getting my timing down is a constant issue and since I was actually cooking for other people, I wanted to get it right.  I knew I needed to a) cook the pasta, b) cook the chicken, and c) make the sauce.  While boiling the water (which took FOREVER), I cooked the chicken in a separate pan.  Once the chicken was ready I put it aside and started on the sauce.

No lie, both pasta and sauce were done at the same time.  Holy Moly!

It was fun to be the one saying "dinner will be ready in five minutes," instead of the person putting the dishes away or clearing the table.  And it was even more fun to have Mom and Dad to cook for, though that did make me more nervous.

I always add raw tomatoes to my dish.  I can't imagine life without tomatoes.  I love them.  The dinner was very good and the sauce was nice and creamy.  The only issue I have is with leftovers - when you reheat fettuccini alfredo, the butter always separates from the sauce.  Does anyone have any tricks for great leftover fettuccini alfredo?


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  1. Looks good...and pretty with those tomatoes!