Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Coffee Table: Taping and Painting

Last time you saw the coffee table, it had been sanded down and primed.  Today, I'll show you how I started to really makeover this table.

The first step was taping.  I bought 3in blue painters tape because I wanted my stripes to be pretty wide.  I found the center of my table and the lined up the edge of the blue tape to the center.  I used one piece of tape as a space (picture 2) and then put down the next piece of blue tape (picture 3).  I continued to move my spacer before putting down the next piece to keep my stripes even.

I used scissors to cut the putting knife just like the directions said.  Then I mixed paint and glaze, painted one stripe, and scraped the knife across my table to create my herringbone pattern.  And then I had a heart attack.

It was TERRIBLE!  Oh my.  First off, it was very difficult to pull in the same direction each time - my stripes were not on the same angle.   Secondly, because of the nature of this table, when I pulled the putty knife across it left behind green paint where it should have been completely white.  It was a mess.  I quickly wiped it off, primed the stripe again, and then....

on to Plan B.

My dad and I brainstormed many different ways to get my stripes, but each option would have given me stripes that were very thick.  To get the look I wanted I needed very, very thin stripes.

That's where violet came in.

I created this file in my silhouette.  It's simply straight lines spaced less than a quarter in apart (.1860 in to be exact).

I put my blue painters tape onto the shiny side of freezer paper.  Then I set the silhouette blade to its lowest setting (very thin) and 30 seconds later I had a sheet full of straight, thin strips.

Because the blade was set so low, it only cut through the blue tape, not the freezer paper.  Perfect!

All I had to do was peel it off and place it onto the coffee table...over and over and over again.

It took me about an hour to put all these on.

Not too shabby right?  Just don't look too close.  The lines aren't perfect; the green paint definitely bled under the tape, but I'm still happy with how it turned out.

Next step: taping over what I just painted so that I can finish the other half of the herringbone pattern.  You'll see the end result on Thursday.  Spoiler Alert...I love it!


  1. looks great! I once painted stripes on a wall and to keep the colored paint from bleeding, after we laid the tape, we added another coat of primer. It worked really well. But...be careful when you pull the tape. If you go to fast the tape will pull too much paint.

  2. just wanted to say that I absolutely love your blog! your diy ideas are amazing! btw, love how the table turned out in the end. looked super pretty~


    1. Hi there! So glad you enjoy my blog and thank you for reading it! -Virginia