Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cam and the Tractor

Last fall, my mom got Cameron a pretty awesome toy and as much as he liked it, he was a little afraid of it.

Cam loved his tractor/trailer, but he was afraid of driving it and was too scared to push the peddle.  Plus, his little legs could barely reach.

Not anymore.  This little guy is in love with his tractor.  He's not too good at turning the wheel yet, so he mostly just drives in circles.  The part I love the most is when he makes the sounds of a real tractor while driving his little one.

Cam loves this toy, whether he is driving or just relaxing in the trailer.

 It's important to have a quiet moment with your machine before fixing it.  While exploring, he found one piece on the front that can snap on and off.  After snapping it off so that he could fix it, he put it back on while saying "feel better."  He really takes care of his tractor.

Like I said, he doesn't really have a grasp on the steering part, so it's always good to have an adult nearby.

Saturday was a beautiful day.  The weather was just right and there were no bugs, so we were out all afternoon and evening.  Charlie got a little thirsty so I grabbed a bucket to fill with water.  Hmm...seems a little deep for her.

Mom was right, the sandbox is our summer fire pit.  Instead of crowding around the fire, we crowd around the sandbox and watch Cam play.  After discovering hornet's nests in two of Cammy's toys, we made sure to check the rest.  Once things were all clear, we settled in for a beautiful evening.  He's got all sorts of awesome toys in there, but his favorites are buckets and laundry scoops - just goes to show that the simple things in life can be the best things in life.

Cam likes to know where everyone is.  When Dad drove off in the golf cart to check a few trees, Cam was distressed.  He look at my mom and said "Grandpa leaving?"  Look at that face!

What a stud.

After grilling some burgers, giving Cam his second bath for the day, and saying goodbye, we tucked ourselves in for the night; exhausted and happy. 

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  1. Didn't take long for him to grow enough for that tractor.