Monday, April 23, 2012

Status: In Progress

Moving in is more difficult than I imagined it to be.  It's hard to find a place for everything and put everything in it's place.  Plus, we are waiting for carpet and that has us at a stand-still.  Today the carpet gets here! So hopefully, we can make some good progress this week.

Here's our status so far - painted, carpet out, cabinets out, waiting.  This room will be my living room and office, but until there's carpet in there room we cannot more anything in.  The gray paint has really brightened up the room and it's looking fantastic.  This will be where I'll be taking most of my pictures, so it's really great to see such nice light in there - and this picture is from a cloudy day!

Looking good!  Notice that the cabinets are gone!  Dad did a lot of work on this room before we painted it; spackled the walls, sanded where the blue stripe met the brown walls, taped, sanded, wiped down the walls.  He's a very patient man and I am so thankful he did all that work because it turned out beautifully.

Before you see the rest of this mess - allow me to explain two things you see in this photo.
1. That stuffed lamb is one my oldest and most favorite stuffed animal.  It ended up back in my room when Cam and Leia were playing with it the other day.  I put it up on the chair because I don't want Charlie to think it's a chew toy.
2. The crate! Ah!  We are back to crate training.  Charlie is used to getting her own way in this home - sleep where she wants, wake up Mom when she wants, go outside when she wants, bug Mom all the time.  That needs to change.  When I lock Charlie in the room with me at night, she will literally whine for hours to be let out so she can see Mom.  When I let her out Tuesday morning, after a night of being in the room with me, Charlie bounded down the stairs to Mom.  Sunday morning she ran down the stairs, only to realize Mom was in the sewing room.  I could hear Charlie fall as she tried to turn around quickly to get back up to Mom.  She's obsessed. 

My bedroom, on the other hand, is complete chaos.  I'm enlisting the help of a master organizer to get this mess cleared up - my mom!  She's good at staying focused while organizing.  Me? Not so much.  I feel like a chicken with my head cut off.  I clean one spot, but before I'm done I move on to a different place.  I just can't get anything done!

 Thank goodness for moms.  Hopefully, the pictures I post next time will show new carpets AND a clean room.   You'll definitely see new carpets and lets just hope I've gotten my life sorted out by then.  I can't handle living in this mess.

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  1. This is all going to be so nice when finished. It's never fun to move...I've done it a zillion times with another not too far off. Can't wait for the DONE pictures!!