Friday, April 20, 2012


Today is my last day as a Phys. Ed. teacher.  I'm really going to miss my kids and the teachers I have worked with.  Two years ago, I started a Quote of the Day tradition with a fellow teacher.  Whenever something crazy/funny/gross was said, I wrote it down on a post-it and had a kid deliver it to Lorrie (and when I ran out of post-its, I used scraps of paper).  It was our little break from the craziness of the day.  Plus, this little activity had me looking for the hilarious moments throughout the day and not focusing on the problems.

As I left school Wednesday, Lorrie handed me a notebook full of the post-its she had been saving for two years.  I just read each one again and laughed the whole time.  Here are my favorites (be prepared, there are many):

1st Grade Boy: "Isn't skipping for girls?"

Me: "How many feet do you use to hop?"
1st Grade Class: "Two!"
Me: "No, not two."
Boy: "Three!" 

1st Grade Girl: "Sometime when I do stuff it makes my breath come out."

Lorrie (to the kids when the electricity went out): "If I start freaking out then you can freak out."

Me: "His name is Herbie."
1st Grade Boy: "Is it ok if I just sometimes call him Gary?"

1st Grade Boy: "They shooked it too fat!"

Me: "Why haven't you traced your hand yet?"
5th Grade Girl: "I was sniffing markers."

1st Grade Boy: "My dad is a ferret."

Lorrie: "Honey, I'm not sure why your head is almost on the floor."

Me: "You alright buddy?"
3rd Grade Boy (as nonchalantly as possible): "Yeah, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit."

3rd Grade Girl: "Ms. S, you smile too much."

Kindergarten Boy: "I love schwim!"
translation: "I love gym!"

Kindergarten Boy: "A little bit ago my brother kissed the toilet seat."

Kindergarten Boy: "I didn't did it!"

Me (to a student that was playing with a string): "What is that?"
Kindergarten Girl: "It's probably from my undies."

Me (to two kids): "Why are you faces touching?"

Kindergarten boy: "Is this a medal?"
Me: "It's a ribbon."
Boy: "It's a medal?"
Me: "It's a ribbon."
Boy: "It looks like a medal."
Me: "It's a ribbon."

Kindergarten Boy: "You're not a bad adult."
I was curious, so I said: "How do you know?"
Boy: "You know, cuz you talk nice to kids."

Kindergarten Boy: "Here Ms. S." (he hands me something)
Me (after taking it): "What is it?"
Boy: "A hair."
Me: "EWW!"

And now, my all-time favorite:
1st Grade Boy: "Feel my forehead!"
So, of course, I do...
Boy: "Sweaty, right?!"

Is it any wonder why I love teaching elementary students?  They are just hilarious!  When one of my first grade classes came to the gym for our last day together, they brought me a folder full of goodbye letters.  I read them during class and would probably have teared up a bit, had the kids not been completely out of control.  The letters are very sweet.

"Dear Miss S, we will miss you.  You are a good techar to me. and gym class is fun hath (health) is to.  I am share you will miss us to.  I will tri to come see you at cranfises (conferences).  Have fun at your job you will have new frains (friends). love you."  

"Dear Miss S, we will miss you.  My favrite thing in fitness is balinsing (balancing).  My favrite thing in Health is keeping Germs.  I love you.  You are my favrite Jim techer.  You are a good techer."  

"Dear Mis. S, We will miss you.  I wod like to say good-buy and I am going to make a rane dowe." (on the back of his letter he drew me a rainbow)

It's hard to feel sad about leaving teaching when I am so excited to start a new adventure, but then I think of my kids.  With my last gym class complete, I've realized just how much they have meant to me these past three years.  I will miss them greatly, especially moments like this:

Kindergarten Girl: "My poop and pee got all mixed up and my poop was sloppy.  Can I sit out?"

Gotcha! You probably thought that last one was going to be a sweet and sentimental quote.  I teach elementary, people!  We don't do sweet and sentimental; we do honesty, too much honesty.  Alright alright, to clear that image from you mind and leave you a little confused, here's one more...

1st Grade Boy: "In real life, if you step over a turtle it won't turn into a bridge."


  1. I found your blog through your April desktop calendar when searching for one.

    Love the stuff that comes out of kids mouths! Thanks for the laughs this morning.

  2. Kids really do say the darndest things! :) I hope your last day was wonderful and full of wonder.

  3. Love it Ginner! The music teacher and I keep a book too :)

  4. I'm laughing outloud.