Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Out and About

the Awkward Chef - Day ?
Moving has pretty much killed my dinner plans for the next several weeks.  Once I am firmly planted at my parents house, I'll start up again.  Until then, I'm laying low.

A few evenings ago - we (my family and the neighbors) ended up outside around the sandbox.  The weather was absolutely beautiful and we had to take advantage.

Five of these lovely children belong to our neighbors and one is their cousin.  Cam is always the center of attention and the kids absolutely love him.  I think he love them more.  When they were over the other day, he had to wait to see them as I changed his diaper and he just kept saying "kids. kids. kids."

Here are my favorites from the evening.

These last two are my favorites.  I was sitting in the wheelbarrow telling Cam to pull me.  Look how hard he is working in that picture on the left.  He had his whole body leaning into the pull.  He wasn't very successful until he got a little help from his dad.

We played with the legos while waiting for the burgers to be grilled to perfection.  His favorite part of the legos is not the men or the building blocks or the cars; it's the helmets and visors that he loves the best.

He has also discovered that my mom's computer is a touch screen so he loves to chose which youtube video he will watch.

Can't wait to live 20 minutes from this guy, his future sister/brother, and these lovely neighbors.

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  1. Great post...makes me wish I lived "just minutes" from everyone (well, I do live just minutes away but it's 840 minutes). I love the photos that change fast at the end of your post. It's like the little flip-books we used to buy where you'd fan the pages fast and watch a little cartoon!