Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cam's Ramp

For Cam's second birthday, my dad decided to make Cam a ramp for his cars.  My dad is a technical engineer, so everything he makes is detailed, well thought out, and executed perfectly.  His ramp project for Cam is no exception.

He started by creating the pieces for the ramp out of wood, which includes the ramp, the top platform, and the (for lack of a better word) kickstand. Dad used a textured, metallic spray paint to paint the center of the ramp so that it would look like a road. We used my Silhouette machine to create the dashed line down the center and then Dad filled it in with white spray paint.  Since we ran out of vinyl, we actually cut the lines on blue painters tape that we placed directly on the silhouette mat.  I was hesitant to do that at first because I was worried about how it would come off - but it worked wonderfully.

I designed the text for the sides using Photoshop and my Silhouette.  We cut the design out with the silhouette and placed it on the sides of the ramp.  My Dad is a very patient man; he carefully cut, measured, and measured again before placing the stencil on the ramp.  We used the transfer paper to make sure the stencil went from mat to wood without any mishaps.

Once the stencil was on, he taped around it to make sure that no spray paint got onto the rest of the ramp.  The secret to getting a smooth, even coat of spray paint is to do several thin layers.  By the time he took the stencil off, there were 6 layers of spray paint (told you he is patient) without a single drip and no seepage.

We all held our breath as Dad slowly peeled off the stencil.  I was so nervous there would be a mistake somewhere.

Not a single mistake on either side.  It looks great!

Here's a quick look at how we did the flags:

the stencil

placing the stencil on the platform
peeling off the transfer paper

pushing down the stencil (just to make sure it's firmly in place)

4 thin layers of spray paint

very, very carefully removing the stencil 


The detail and care that my dad puts into his projects is incredible.  Everything is well made and lasts forever.  He works magic with wood.  We still have things he made for us when we were little, including: a toddler bed, kid-sized chair, marble shoot, lamps, candle sticks, barbie house, and rocking horse.  Not to mention the stained glass pieces he has created.  He's a genius.

I'm going to show you more pictures on Friday of Cam's reaction to his present, but here's an overall look:
He's such a boy; he knew exactly what to do.  More tomorrow!


  1. I predict one of Cam's kids will be playing with that some day! Really special.

  2. What an amazing birthday gift! Lucky kid!