Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Two-Room Suite

This is room one in my future suite and, to avoid confusion, we'll call this the yellow room (yes, I am very clever).  This is Esther's old/current bedroom.  When Est moved away, she put all of her bedroom stuff in here to store.  I wish we could blame this mess on her, but most of it is my fault.  These are the before pics so I didn't even bother cleaning.  Don't worry, there is a plan for this stuff (to be shared at another time).

This will be my bedroom space.  The only thing that will happen to this room before I move in is painting - my trademark gray will soon fill the walls.  Also, I think I'll work on getting that stain out of the carpet.  I wish I could say it wasn't Charlie, but (even though I didn't see her do it) it looks like her typical pee stain.  Best of all, though this room only has one window, it is very bright.

The Yellow Room
This is not at all to scale, but I did try to get it somewhat correct.  I door on the right is the door to the bedroom.  The door on the opposite wall leads to the closet.  The closet is very big and I'm really looking forward having to such a nice closet.  This is the layout I plan on using when I move in.  The chair from the living room will be put in here so that it doesn't have to go into storage.  Everything else is regular bedroom stuff.

Room two will be referred to as the brown room (you are shocked by how clever I am, I know).  This is my current bedroom.  Even though I moved away, I use this room all the time.  I moved far enough away that I don't drive back and forth in one night, so I always stay here.  My parents have been very generous in letting me keep this room.

On the to-do list: new carpet, new paint.  New carpet was on the to-do list before I knew I would be moving home, but now the process has been moved forward to have it done before I move all my junk in.  I will also be using my gray paint in here, but I want to come up with something fun, as well.  There are so many walls in this room, I'm sure there is something I can do to spruce it up.  Three windows and direct sunlight most of the day can make this room pretty hot, but its going to be perfect for taking photos.

Here's the plan.  This room will be my living room and office.  I'll put my living room couch in here, along with the tv ( but I'll need to find a new stand).  Seriously, how weird is the shape of this room?  So weird.  Luckily, it's very big and will make a nice living room space.  

I'm very lucky to have both of these rooms to do with as I please.  I cannot express enough how grateful I am to my parents for letting me and the dog invade their space.  Its going to be an adjustment for all, but I'm very excited about being able to save a lot of money.  Hopefully, I will be out of their hair and into a home of my own (fingers crossed) within a year.  

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