Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 14 - Rice Pilaf

My mom makes the best pilaf you have ever tasted.  I am lucky enough to have learned this recipe from the best and it is truly delicious.

My mistake, this doesn't serve 8.  It serves 4.
It's simple and low maintenance.  Brown the vermicelli, mix in the rest, and leave it alone.  As you may know, "low maintenance" is my favorite kind of maintenance.

Several weeks ago, my mom was visiting for the night and we made this meal together.  As a result, I had many of the ingredients on hand.  When I was at giant, I only needed to purchase ham and chicken broth - yet I still managed to spend $40.  Once I'm in there I always think of the million and one things I need to buy and leave with several bags of groceries.

Since starting this challenge, I have been to the grocery store at least once a week if not more.  This has actually been really nice because it gives me the opportunity to buy small amounts of food at a time.  I've realized that I used to buy too much and was always throwing out what I couldn't eat before the expiration date.  I am starting to enjoy my weekly trips to Giant.  I feel that we are becoming friends, me and Giant.

Once I had everything in the pot simmering, I started cleaning the kitchen and the table.  I was just walking around getting things done.  It seemed like 20 minutes had passed when I went back to check on the pilaf and there was still a lot of broth left (it was probably more like 5 minutes, but it felt long).  I called my mom to check and make sure I was doing everything right.  That's another thing I've noticed about my cooking habits - I rarely, if ever, remember to set the timer, which always leads to questions and worry.  If I ever learn to set a timer, I'm sure I'll be able to relax.

Cam was at my mom's house, so when I called home I got to talk to Cam - sort of:

Me: Hey Cam!  Whatcha doing?"
Me: "Are you going to go outside?"
Cam: "Golf cart ride"
Me: "Wow!  Who's going to drive?"
Me: "Is Grandma going to drive?"
Me: "Is Mommy going to drive?"
Cam: "Playground."
Me: "Who are you going to play with?"
Cam: "Lukey. Leia."
Me: "Are you going to play with Emmy?"
Cam: "Golf cart ride?"

Sometimes I feel like I'm the only participant in our conversations and he just listens to me thinking "Why does she ask me all these questions?"  Cam, the reason I ask you all those questions is so that I can hear your adorable little baby voice.  Duh!

Yum!  It's seriously delicious.  I think I needed to let more of the moisture cook out, but it was still really good.  We always serve this meal with ham and applesauce - it's a family tradition.  This was the first time in years that I ate this meal with store bought applesauce.  It definitely wasn't the same.  My family makes some banging applesauce.

1 shopping trip
1 phone call
0 iPhone searches
1 dinner
4 lunches

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  1. I got that recipe when I was in college in San Francisco the 1960's! I was told it was an Armenian method of making pilaf. One of my dorm friends parents lived across the bay and her mom would make this for us when we'd come to visit them. So she taught me how it's done, I wrote down the recipe and it is truly one of my favorite foods!! I'm glad the tradition is living on!!