Friday, March 30, 2012

Ben Howard and Friends

Recently, I went to see Ben Howard play/sing/be awesome.  My sister and I traveled there together and met up with some friends to hear one of our favorite artists sing.   It's my favorite concert to date because it was so intimate and the venue was so small.   He is a phenomenal singer and an even better performer.   We talked to him after the concert, thanks to Charlotte's persistence, and he was also very nice.  All around a good performance.

It's just him and two other people who seem to be able to play any instrument they want.  The guy switched between bass and drums, while the girl went between drums, cello, and guitar.  They are all so talented.

This concert also introduced us to some new, up-and-coming artists.  Bear's Den was incredible and so genuine.  It felt like they meant every word they sang and every word had meaning.  They were incredible.  I'm sad to say they do not have an album out yet, but I can guarantee you that I'm buying it as soon as they do.  Search for "Bear's Den, Pompeii" on youtube, you will not regret it.

We also heard The Staves for the first time.  Imagine the Andrew Sisters with an indie twist and even better harmony.  At one point, they ditched all instruments and sang into one mic.  The entire room fell silent when they began to sing.  It was breathtaking; I am not joking when I saw that I held my breath as they sang.  It was heavenly.  They had an EP for sale at the concert, so I snatched that sucker up.  I have to resist the urge to listen to it.  It only has three songs and if I listen to it on repeat (like I desperately want to) I'll ruin it's beauty and get sick of it.  This is one group I never want to get sick of.  

In a word, the night was splendid.  It was so much fun on so many levels.  Ben, feel free to come back to Philly any time.  If you're there, I'm there.

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